Ribbon Cuttings

Is your Business Ready to Open? Why not schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony!

Contact the Chamber today to schedule your ribbon cutting. 

• Once Ribbon Cuttings are set and on the Chamber house calendar, Chamber Ambassadors are notified and the ribbon cutting is listed on the Chamber Update that goes out weekly.

• The ribbon cutting ceremony is brief.

• Chamber Ambassadors attend and hold the ribbon for the ceremony.

• The host can have employees and family stand behind the ribbon with them.

• Everyone is welcome to attend the ribbon cutting.

• The program is turned over to a Chamber Ambassador who will say a few words and ask the company representative to speak about the company.

• When the company representative is finished speaking, a picture will be taken of the group, and then of the actual ribbon being cut.

Ribbon Cutting FAQs

What goes on at a Ribbon Cutting?

At a Ribbon Cutting, the coordinator will gather everyone together, set up the group for a photo, and then call on one of the Ambassadors to speak on behalf of the Chamber. The Ambassador will say a few words welcoming your business to the community and wishing your business success. The Ambassador will ask your company representative to share a little bit about the company. Once you are finished, a few photos will be taken, one before the ribbon is cut and another as the actual ribbon is being cut.

Who should I have at the Ribbon Cutting?

We encourage you to invite anyone you wish to be at your Ribbon Cutting. Some companies invite family and friends, others invite their VIP customers. Please feel free to use this opportunity any way you wish. Some companies have an open house with refreshments, while others just feature their employees. It truly is your day, plan it however you wish.

Can I invite my pastor to say a prayer at my Ribbon Cutting?

Absolutely, you may invite anyone you wish to speak.

Do I need to have food?

Your Ribbon Cutting is your day; please feel free to use it as an opportunity to host your friends, family and customers. If you are planning to invite a large group, refreshments are nice, but not necessary or required.